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  • Cileungsir, Indonesia
  • Marketing

Job description

Key tasks

Overview of duties
'• Contributes to guest satisfaction by:
• preparing ''hot'' and/or ''cold'' dishes in line with the supervisor's instructions
• helping deliver the dishes
• respecting the food health and safety standards and procedures
• participating in managing raw materials effectively'
Main responsibilities
Professional techniques / Production
'• Creates and presents the dishes in line with cooking instructions and the supervisor's instructions
• Adapts work to fluctuations in volume of guests, to special events and particular guests
• Helps receive deliveries and tidies food items according to storage guidelines
• Is responsible for the high standard of the dishes prepared
• Helps keep equipment used in good condition
• Cleans and tidies the workplace following the supervisor's instructions '
Management and administration
'• Follows the cooking instructions and preparation processes to the letter
• Avoids wasting food items
• Helps with inventories
• Helps manage stocks of equipment by avoiding breakages'
Hygiene / Personal safety / Environment
'• Ensures that the workplace remains clean and tidy, and the safety of consumable goods by always respecting HACCP regulations
• Respects the instructions and safety guidelines for the equipment used
• Applies the hotel's security regulations (in case of fire etc)
• Respects the hotel's commitments to the ''Environment Charter'' (saving energy, recycling, sorting waste etc) '