Tad Dolphay

Graduate in Computer Science/Electronics seeking positions

25 years • Eagan


I am a recent graduate from Winona State University with a degree in Computer Science and Electronics with a minor in Math. I've had three internships in vastly different fields and expertise and have built a strong understanding and comfort with various different technologies and methods of utilizing technologies as a result. I'm proficient at object-oriented development in Java, C++, and Python and have web development experience in JavaScript and HTML. In my free-time I snowboard and enjoy programming small projects.


C#javaPythonJavascripthtmlcssweb developmentTest AutomationLinux/UnixshellBashData AnalyticsWindowsRaspberry PiArduinoElectronicsMicroprocessors


Global Security Intern

05-2016 - 08-2016 IT development- Simulated signature of radioactive materials through the use of a Raspberry Pi and FPGA for use in training scenarios - Created a GUI-based data input interface for dynamic scenario generation by the end-user given some coordinates and type of radioactive material - Calculated count-rate to show for individual users based on their position relative to the given simulated source using GPS to track their current location - Optimized data transfer and processing algorithms by making a custom designed C library implemented inside of the Python-based application - Worked on iOS version of the same app using Swift to fix some errors and add design features to increase ease of use

Storage R&D Intern

05-2015 - 08-2015 IT development- Analyzed performance of a tiered storage system - Tested feasibility of changing system structure from Ethernet to Infiniband to increase ability to respond to system failures - Developed a test suite to test both metadata and block data traffic through the system as well as ability to recover in the event of a failure - Gained a strong understanding of the large scale system infrastructure and performance testing and analysis on a real world system

High Energy Physics Intern

05-2014 - 08-2014 Chemistry / Biology / Agronomy- Automated analysis of large data sets to determine inconsistencies in output simulation algorithms leading to incorrect data values - Optimized parameters used to collect and study data to omit outliers contributing to average values of data sets being outside the expected value - Developed methods to identify and work to fix poor simulation output values - Used server farm to perform big data analysis and testing

Education & training

Winona State University

2012 - 2017 Winona, Winona CountyIT development, Studies / Statistics / Data, Energy / Materials / Mechanics, Chemistry / Biology / Agronomy, IT development

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